Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Gorgon Terminator Squad

This is a special squad of terminators only available to the Iron Hands legion (or maybe the Alpha Legion as well?; we're not sure how far they've infiltrated, but we suspect they're everywhere - all the way to the top and bottom). In terms of the background, they are regular marines that have been physically fused with terminator armour that have extra embedded field generators on board. If they make their armour save, then the field generators will flash and potentially (4+) blind any unit within 6" of them.

Naturally, the Iron Hands are used to such things and get a re-roll on the blinding should it hit them. That said, I think this is a unit that should be kept away from other units just in case that occurs. And preferably near the enemy. Hence tactically, I think this is one that should be teleporting in (if the correct rite of war is available), or be placed in a land raider to get up close and personal with the enemy. Lock together with an Iron-Father in terminator armour and you have the makings of a deadly terminator assault team.

But more than that, what really appeals about these guys is the feel no pain special rule at 5+. These are terminators that are going to be hanging around much more than even regular Iron Hands infantry are.

Here are a couple of builds to consider.

Gorgon Terminator Squad with 5 members, 2 chain fists, 1 graviton gun, hammer bearer with a cyber familiar (245 points)
Something of a baseline unit and one that can forego the company of an Iron Father, this is one to place in a land raider or deep strike (if available) to get some early and mid-turn work done.

Gorgon Terminator Squad with 9 members, 4 power fists, hammer bearer with a cyber familiar and grenade harness (380 points)
Team up with a praetor or Iron Father and place in a land raider. This is the tip of your spear - use it wisely and back this team up with formidable fire power from the rest of your army that you're keeping out of melee. 


SinSynn said...

That's actually not too unreasonable of a points cost for a squad of Termies with that gear and abilities..

jabberjabber said...

Yeah - they're very viable for the Iron Hands; pity about the Sons' Justaerin termies though...

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