Friday, December 12, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Spearhead-Centurion Castrmen Orth

Much like Ferrus Manus, Orth is a force multiplier. By granting all tanks in the force +1 to the vehicle damage table we effectively can create a Ferrus Manus free army featuring a plethora of tanks to do the damage. Take plenty of land raiders for transporters where possible, and it should be a bit of a explosion bath / blood bath.

At the start of a game, he is also interred inside a tank that he cannot voluntarily leave. This has advantages of bonus BS and tank hunters. Hence I'd strongly suggest placing him with a high dakka output tank for maximum effect.

Once his tank is destroyed, he isn't too strong a character out on his own (hence his cheap-ish points value). Ideally, he should leg it to the closest transport tank (preferably a land raider) to get the high BS and tank hunting special rules in effect once more. Again: preferably a land raider.

I think his use is going to be within a land raider strong assault force (potentially even starting on board a super heavy tank). Blast away the enemy tanks as quickly as possible and then crush the remaining enemies.

In concert with other Iron Hands characters (like Ferrus Manus), the tanks of the Iron Legion are going to be quite an amazing armoured force to contend with.

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