Thursday, December 18, 2014

Arms for more Gun Kata Space Marines

After creating my first batch of "gun kata" styled space marines, I found myself in some real need of extra arms. The reason for this? Well, most of the good left arms, I'd already used up and most of the right arms were too (between bolt pistols, and wanting anything other than a traditional bolter across the waist / hip fire bolter pose). 

To overcome this: Anvil Industry to the rescue!

The image displays a mixture of left hand arms (and hands) from the medieval range of Anvil Industry that I was desperately in need of. The casts of these items are wonderful -- Anvil Industry really has quality control of their resin products at an outstanding level. There are barely any faults. And they few that there are, are so minor as to need a magnifying glass to pick them up (or myopic eyesight, and the piece held very close to the eyeball!). 

In terms of the range of poses available, Anvil Industry has this totally covered as well. Some of these arms are straight out, some angle at the shoulder to point in front of the torso, others at more of an angle. Some are bent at the elbow, others are not. Some have hands attached, others have the hands separate. 

To prepare some more gun kata marines, these are the ideal find, and I can very honestly recommend this company!

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