Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tartaros Pattern Terminator Sergeant

One of the units in my growing 30k era army will be a terminator squad. This is the first terminator, partially built, that I thought I'd display. 

The torso is from the tartaros terminator pattern armour that was unboxed earlier. To this, I've decided to not bother with the regular arms for this terminator and just go for the regular 40k era shoulders. The right arm is a converted thunder hammer that has one of the chaos gargoyles at its head. The left arm is from the Dark Angels range, and the gaze of the head follows the (drilled) barrels of the gun as if aiming. This was about the only left handed storm bolter arm that I could locate - almost every terminator weapon is right handed, hence pairing it up with a thunder hammer is very tough without doing moderate conversion work. 

I'm not quite happy with the placing of the arms though -- in relation to the head, they make the sergeant look like he's hunching his shoulder upward which feels like an odd pose. But the curvature of the torso makes sensible placement (and indeed: pinning) of the arms a little bit tougher than it should be. Not withstanding that, I'm happy with this miniature and it has the bonus of following my maxim of "no model left unconverted".

Now, the one remaining problem is the legs. If my miniatures in this army are going to be something like "true scale", then I need to deduce a way to make this terminator true scale as well. I think the solution is not to do anything too drastic - a simple spacer between the legs and the torso might do the trick very nicely without the need to re-model the legs. I'll have to have more of a deep cogitate about this first though!

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