Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unboxing a Kheres Contemptor Cannon

I've given in to temptation and an now the owner of a contemptor dreadnought from Forge World. One of the weapons that I've selected is the Kheres. Today, I wanted to show what the bits looked like right out of the box (pictured below).

What is clear from these bits is that getting the orientation of the rods for the cannon in the correct sense is important. They are not symmetric: they must be inserted in the main body of the cannon so that the fit. At the other end, they are symmetric and will slot in to the terminus of the cannon nicely, but even so it looks fiddly to say the least.


Greg Hess said...

Very curious about your build on this guy. I've heard many horror stories about it. Please keep us updated!

jabberjabber said...

I think the cannon will be fine in the end, but only because I've also heard of similar horror stories and got some advice from my mates!

Greg Hess said...

I think so too, but I'm always curious. It's been one of those things for me...I want a contemptor (now they finally made a fist one), and then people scared me with the cannons. It looks like yours are all straight and really clean, so maybe they addressed it!

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