Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pretorian "Termos" Shoulder Pads from puppetswar

The Pretorian "Termos" pattern shoulder pads are retailed by puppetswar ( The clue is in the name really: all of their termos pattern shoulder pads will fit terminator style miniatures. I purchased these pads along with a few other items for use with my growing Alpha Legion warriors.

The image shows they fresh out of the packaging.

Although there are a number of resin tubes attached to the pads, they're very easy to trim off. The insides of the shoulders (see top right) are nicely curved to fit plastic terminator shoulders, but some of them do need attention to remove flash and excess resin here and there.

The quality is okay. As can be seen, there are a few issues with air bubbles (see for instance the upper left pad where one of the drapes does not come to a fine point at its terminus -- there are several like this). I can easily correct this with greenstuff, or pretend its battle damage, so not much work for me. But for less experienced hobby enthusiasts, perhaps not.

I'll be using these with the terminator sergeant I posted yesterday. With these, I hope to somewhat cure (or at least alleviate) the hunched look on the model due to the arms being positioned a bit high in comparison to the torso.

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