Sunday, January 11, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Sevatar

Death to the False Emperor! First uttered by Sevatar, this marine is one of the deadliest in all of the space marine legions by reputation. On par with the likes of Corswain (Dark Angel), Abaddon (Sons of Horus), Eidolon (Emperor's Children), etc., if the background fluff is to be believed.

Is this justified by his rules though?

He does gain the instant death special rule for all of his melee attacks for a start. This is nice and makes him a bit of a character killer for the Night Lords. From this perspective alone, he should be at the forefront of any attack, preferably teamed up with his Atramentar (command squad of terminators) who will not scatter on deep striking, as if Sevatar has an icon of chaos or similar, when Sevatar is part of the force. This makes him not only deadly in combat, but also a force multiplier.

He's also a repressed psyker with precognition. This will give him a slight edge where it is needed the most.

In terms of equipment, the most significant negative is his penchant for going around in 3+ power armour. Didn't he ever think to have anything artificer crafted?! But he does get an iron halo to help out a bit, as well as a master crafted chainglaive.

In terms of tactics, I think he'd make a terrific HQ choice for armies wanting to go with Pride of the Legion rite. This'll make sure he gets close to the enemies he needs to be in the face of, and with serious back up from his terminators. Take several large squads, and get them to deep strike on top of Sevatar when in position, and all sorts of nasty things will no doubt be able to happen. Overall, probably worth the points cost, but must be used and played to his strengths.

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