Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Night Raptor Squad

This is where the Night Lords come in to their own with one of their iconic signature units. These jet-pack marines are more than likely to be chosen by the Night Lords player in preference to the assault squads as they have some really nice options and abilities. Sadly, I just don't think they're worth the points cost - even though they fit in gloriously well with the Legion's play style.

As with other Night Lords units, we want the night raptors to be as large as possible to take advantage of the legions special rules. So go large or not at all -- this means at least 10 members, but 15 is entirely do-able if you're not thinking about deep-striking (with 15 members, the squad's footprint gets worryingly large). It gets rather pricey as well compared to regular Legion assault squads (and they're not troops either!). But they are fluffy!

The only negative thing here is no power fist for the Huntmaster. So, we've got to think about lightning claws, or power axes. The other choices for the unit are power weapons all around, and some special weapons to taste.

Here are a few build ideas.

Night Raptor Squad (10 members), 5 power axes, Huntmaster with artificer armour (410 points)
This is a squad to deep-strike in to play. Very expensive here, and strictly better to take terminators. But, this is Night Lords Raptors! Enjoy.

Night Raptor Squad (15 members), 3 melta guns, Huntmaster with artificer armour (405 points)
A kind-of tank hunting, base line squad. Out priced by other units that can do the job more effectively though.

Night Raptor Squad (15 members), 3 flamers, 5 power axes, 10 lightning claws, hunt master with artificer armour (590 points)
All kitted out. Seriously: not worth the points though. Uber coolness factor however!

Night Raptor Squad (5 members), all with pairs of lightning claws, Huntmaster with artificer armour (260 points)
This is a squad that ignores my above advice, but could potentially be built using the chaos space marine plastic raptors miniatures. 


TheGraveMind said...

I would run them 10 strong, with two melta, two axes, and dual lightning claws in the sarge. Led by curze, he will keep them alive long enough to make combat.

Together they can take on large targets, or multiple assaults at once. Or break from each other when close and hit different units.

Remember jump infantry are bulky, so a ten man squad counts as 20 in combat for talent for murder.

jabberjabber said...

I like it! :)

Unknown said...

Just looking for opinions; which of the Night Lords' unique infantry make a better pick for the Rewards of Treason? I know there are better options out there, but I've got some modelling/painting ideas for a hybridized Night Lords/Alpha Legion unit, and I'm curious about which has more in-game utility.

jabberjabber said...

Apologies for the slow reply, Brad (seems the message wound up in spam, rather than published).
I would personally favour a terror squad. The ability to cause fear is something that not many legions have access to, but clearly the Night Lords do so by the bucketful. I think a thematic army could be built around this and Coils.

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