Saturday, January 10, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai

As a primus medicae, he's got expertise in the apothecarion. But he's an example of what happens when medics go bad - but in a totally different way to Fabius Bile. He's twisted his skills to an art form of inflicting pain on his opponents, torturing them, interrogation techniques, and flaying them alive. Even the Night Lords think he's a bit insane really. And that's saying something.

In the rules, he is deemed Unfit for Command, as even the Night Lords won't follow him. Hence he'll never be a warlord or taken for a compulsory HQ selection.

He is a survivor as well - having bypassed multiple attempts on his life within and without of his legion. As such on the tabletop he gets re-rolls on look out and feel no pain rolls. Hence he's got a sticking power that other HQ selections simply never get. He also wields a custom, long scalpel that gives AP3 at reduced strength, which is cute, but probably not going to deal too much damage.

All that said, he's also an apothecary (an independent character) and should be used as such for Night Lords almost in preference to regular apothecaries. He's double the price though, but at least he has two wounds and slightly better stats that the ordinary apothecary. I think his special rules make him worth the cost (just) overall. So, I think a Night Lords player should be taking him to help other troops survive, even if they are all scared of him!

The only real thing that bothers me here is the pseudo-Welsh sounding name. I didn't know Wales was so well connected to Nostramo! I'm genuinely surprised!

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Vigo theCarpathian said...

Don't forget he's Fearless.
Rare in 30K. So he confers that to the squad he joins.

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