Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Firedrake Terminator Squad

Discipline and self-sacrifice - these are the qualities that make up the elite of the most humane of the legions. In essence, the Firedrakes are terminators with 2 wounds each, a bonus to WS, and all in cataphractii armour. 

The question to my mind is whether this extra wound is worthwhile in comparison to a regular legion terminator squad? I'm a bit on the fence and could be persuaded either way here to be honest. On the one hand, its a bit like having double the number of terminators in the unit. But on the other, they can still be instant killed by vindicators and the like. 

On top of this dilemma, and something that might well be the swinging factor, is the ability to create thunder hammer and storm shield terminators. But it comes at a steep cost. 

Here's the builds to think about.

5 Firedrakes, all with Thunder Hammers and Dragonscale storm shields (350 points)
That's a whole lot of points. But certainly comparable to a 10 man regular legion terminator squad in points cost if you logic that there's the same amount of wounds. Take a land raider, (or pride of the legion rite of war for teleportation purposes) and you're good to go basically.

10 Firedrakes, all with Thunder Hammers and Dragonscale storm shields (625 points)
I think you'd want a guaranteed no scatter deep strike for this lot. But a big land raider would also do in a pinch. Its a gamble: you're putting all eggs in one basket. But its very cool! Particularly if you're undertaking Istvaan mission.

5 Firedrakes, 3 combi-meltas, 1 heavy flamer, 2 chainfists (320 points)
Whilst I'd be more tempted by the thunder hammers and storm shields, this tank hunting variant is also going to be a pleasure to run. Its a bit like a termicide squad for tank hunting. But it'll last longer due to the extra wounds.


TheGraveMind said...

My friend runs them. And by runs them means made the unit, ran it once, and shelved it never to play again. they are the most broken thing in 30k for their points.

Th SS terminators, with 2 wounds, you can add a medicae to the squad to give them fnp. make them 10 strong, and they can take on primarchs and everything.

And since he runs a droppod assault army, you get about one turn to shoot at them before they are on you. The rest of his units are going to focus on things like vindicators too.

jabberjabber said...

With the apothecary added, this unit would be highly formidable. And not very enjoyable to play against I suspect too! That said, I suspect a "fast" army with hit/run like White Scars (or even Emperor's Children) could give them the run around for a long time. But I wouldn't like to find out either!

TheGraveMind said...

It didn't help it was my first time using night lords and I was basically using vanguard vets (raptors) with furious charge(talent for murder). They don't work well against terminators of any kind let alone those.

Inquisitorverhek said...

How are you attaching apothecaries? They may be taken instead of a command squad, but they don't count as a command squad. Big difference when apothecaries have restrictions on what units they can get attached to.

jabberjabber said...

The Primus Medicae (which is being referred to here colloquially as an apothecary - my fault on that) is an independent character and not subject to the restrictions of his brothers.

Inquisitorverhek said...

Oooooh, hasn't thought of that! I tend to overlook a lot of those consuls!
Time to buy another apothecary!

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