Thursday, January 22, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Cassian Dracos

This is an HQ dreadnought for the Salamanders.

What stands out about him is his Vulkan-wrought armour. Not only does it feature an incredible AV14 on the front (let me say that again: AV14 on the front!), but he gets a slew of bonus rules on top of that. He can choose between firing his weapons as two heavy flamers or a twin-linked melta (in built in to his two close combat arms) that also have sunder. He doesn't care about your lance rules either. Or melta. Or Sunder. Or armour bane. Good luck against his frontal armour frankly. Hope you've brought lots of lascannons or infiltrators / deep strikers to aim at his bum. Because that's you're only chance against him frankly. 

If surrounded, then like Vulkan, he can choose to inflict a hit against everyone in base to base with him. Given he already has 4 attacks, I wouldn't be too tempted by this though, even in dire situations. 

And if he's the warlord, he automatically has a buffing trait to give feel no pain to models nearby. Place him near some terminators and you've got a near death-star being built. Plus your opponent cannot gain slay the warlord! This is game winning material frankly. 

He is very pricey though: costing more than a land raider. He certainly makes up for it. So long as you watch out for incoming fire against the rear armour, he's going to be amazing. But that rear armour is a big concern. Against the Alpha Legion and other infiltrating legions, he might be easy game to be honest. So just be careful. 

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