Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ynnead in the Gathering Storm

Oh. My. Word. 

I have just watched and re-watched the new video for the Gathering Storm II from Games Workshop several times over. I cannot quite wrap my head around what they are doing. They are seriously advancing the plot line! Something that I thought that they would not do in any great quantity is now getting real with celerity.

For an old timer like myself, this feels a bit like when GW first introduced Aspect Warriors. Contained within the pages of White Dwarf, the Eldar in that precise moment went from being a race of raiders and desperate pirates to one of nobility and early era glory. This video that has just been posted by GW feels like that all over again. Something new, fresh, exciting and full of promise for a plot line waiting to unveil itself. 

We live in interesting times.

[image credit: Warhammer Community]

1 comment:

Thor said...

I'm loving the advancement all around. I feel that 40K needed it.

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