Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Much like fellow blogosphere friends(*), I also have a bit of a backlog of miniatures that I need to get assembled and painted up. In today's post, this is just a simple one showing off that I actually do still put some things together without gluing my fingers utterly together as well.

These are the containers retailed by Games Workshop (I wish they would make the Forge World ones that we see in pictures like the Battle of Calth, but that's another story). What I found most tricky about these large containers was getting all the walls and floor in place without collapsing. Essentially the containers are large cuboids with six faces that can all be glued in to place (the front and back doors being optional, but I'd recommend no less than five of the six faces being glued in to place personally). 

Given that I wanted to do this in one go without having to let them dry, I elected to assemble them vertically. Yep -- that's my pro tip of the day -- don't be afraid to do things at odd angles! By having everything vertical, there is no chance that the walls of the containers will drop off whilst I'm trying to press the roof of the containers in place. This saved me a lot of time and I've now got three of these large containers ready to go to the painting stage. 


Siph_Horridus said...

Hey Blogger Buddy! Thanks for the shout out, and you checked out the Gamemat.eu ones, afraid they are as near to the FW ones I reckon we'll get. I might still get some of these smaller GW ones too.

jabberjabber said...

Will check them out -- thanks for the pointer!

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