Friday, January 27, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Scout Sentinels

Like other equipment in the Cults, these scout sentinels probably once belonged elsewhere and were stolen by infiltrators in the cults or put aside for the right moment.

They are a very cheap way to get some heavier weapons in to an army.

Secondly, they can place themselves in to a great position with scouting and move through cover to provide a bit of an alpha strike tactic.

They are very vulnerable with a weak front armour, two hull points, and being open topped. In other words, they are going to die very quickly if anything is pointed at them.

Don't spend too many points here, but do take them in multiples so as to make your opponent work for that first blood victory point.

3 Scout Sentinels with missile launchers (120 points).
Flexible in terms of having blasts or high strength shots, but otherwise not likely to shine too much without back up. Swap for auto cannons as desired.

3 Scout Sentinels with heavy flamers (105 points).
Great for crowd control against Imperial Guard and the like. Fun when popping up on the field unexpectedly. 

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