Saturday, January 14, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Hybrid Metamorphs

Mysteriously triggered when the hive fleets approach, the hybrid metamorphs feature the hybrids of the first and second generation combined with weaponry ordinarily associated with the tyranids themselves. These include items like bone swords that can really be very useful in close combat and others to boot.

The ability to take a mixture of different Tyranid upgrades is a strong one. However, my advice here is not to do much mix and matching within one squad in order to keep things very simple.

My favoured builds are noted below. But in short, I really like the claw option for the bonus strength and the lash option for the bonus initiative. I am not so sold on the talons really: the bonus to WS is somewhat wasteful in many situations.

For the leader upgrade, one is really paying through the nose to have a bone sword. It is worth it in my opinion, but only if you're going to have lots of other hybrids in the squad to ensure the leader makes it in to close combat with enemy squads.

The hand flamers are very nice, but might not be needed overall. I'd still be tempted to take a couple just for fun!

The cult icon combined with the talons might be good for excessive WS gain. But I'm still not quite sold on it unless you know you are going to be facing off Imperial Guard squads on foot. Let's face it -- they'll be in vehicles.

Toughness is still 3 here. The saving throw is still 5+. This is not good and they will perish quickly to small arms fire (e.g. Space Marines rapid firing their bolt guns!). This argues for larger squad sizes and tactical placement and use of this hard hitting unit.

10 metamorphs, 1 leader with bone sword and whip, 3 others with whips, 6 with claws (138 points).
A rather nice melee squad to say the least. Some of the models strike first with the whips to give an edge over eldar, whilst the rest strike with a high strength to pile on the wounds. Take a transport to taste. (or drop a model to include an independent character to taste and put on board said transport).

5 metamorphs, 1 leader with bone sword and whip, 4 others with claws, all armed with hand flamers (108 points).
Expensive since this squad contains a lot of hand flamers. But with the right positioning, they will fry the enemy before charging in to finish off whatever remains. Cute, but unsubtle.

10 metamorphs all with claws (110 points).
Notice the points difference here compared to the above squad. With some good positioning and fortunate die rolls on charging and melee, they can crush a space marine squad through sheer number of wounds applied. Add in a goliath if required.

10 metamorphs all with whips (110 points).
Same price as the one above, but here to take out eldar enemy squads. Take a leader with bone sword to taste. Add in a goliath as required. 

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