Thursday, January 26, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Armoured Sentinels

Much like other equipment in the Genestealer Cult arsenal, the sentinels were more than likely stolen and set aside for when the time was right. Or downright just taken on the right day by hybrids that had infiltrated the local Imperial Guard. They are well known to Guard players and have very similar uses here in the Cults army list.

Their front armour is superior to the scout sentinel and this will provide some additional protection where required. The ability to take weapons like plasma cannons is very nice and one that should be exploited.

With certain formations, they can also outflank which is hideous. Overall, they are a very cheap way to get some heavy weapons in to play.

Look. Let's be blunt. They're going to die. Quickly. Hence if you don't want to give away free victory points for first blood then I'd recommend taking more than one in a squad. The BS of 3 is distinctly average as well. The blast weapons (plasma cannon especially) offsets this a bit. Hence the choice of weapon is rather critical here.

A few thoughts.

3 Sentinels with plasma cannons (150 points).
Compare this price to something like a space marine dreadnought and you can see why I like this. Sure, it doesn't hit hard in melee, but its not built for that. The triple plasma blast is hideous to most opponents. Three of these squads is deadly. Try outflanking one for laughs. They can be deadly in all truth!

3 Sentinels with heavy flamers (120 points).
Certainly meant to outflank and take out troops inside bunkers.

3 Sentinels with auto cannons (135 points).
The attraction here for me is the double tap on the auto cannons. Sure, half will miss, but the 3 shots that hit on average are still S=7. This can be very nice and add weight where its needed. I still prefer the plasma though.

3 Sentinels with missile launchers (150 points).
Coming with blast templates like the plasma cannons and able to threaten others with krak, they are flexible, but not shiningly brilliant. 


Siph_Horridus said...

I'm painting up my first Armoured Sentinel, and although I magnetised the weapons, I already know I'll be using the outflanking 3 Plasma blasts trick! Plasma being a blast offsets the rubbish BS unlike the Autocannons, so yeah, I agree, Plasma is best - watch them outflank, come on and obliterate those Termies or GKs that just deep strike arrived! Ha ha

jabberjabber said...

I am going to pick one up for a kill team -- with plasma cannon of course! Too good to overlook really!

Grumpy Guardsman said...

I would not even bother with Missile Launchers. I have been playing imperial guard for a long time, and they just never really work. BS 3 is a big reason, and they seem flexible, but only the frag missiles are somewhat reliable. Just get plasma cannons instead, far more bang for buck and reliable damage. For me the 4 would be Plasma, heavy flamer, Autos, and Multi lasers. Don't underestimate MLs, two sqauadrons firing 18 S6 shots will hurt quite a few things.

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