Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Neophyte Hybrids

Whereas the Acolyte Hybrids are the first and second generation of the genestealer infestation and infection, the Neophyte Hybrids are the latter third and fourth generations. Most are able to "pass" as true humans, although many still exhibit a forehead ridge and some skin pigmentation unbecoming of true humans. I'd dread to see Eldar or Ork hybrids of this stage(!)

Most obviously, these hybrids are cheap. Very cheap. And their units are very customisable. Combined with their special rules, they are very strong and very infiltrate-y and ambush-y.

In a nut shell, they have very mortal human statistics. That means "3" everywhere except for wounds and attacks. Admittedly, their leadership is a touch better than Imperial Guard, but not by much. And initiative can match a marine. That's from the genestealer side of the family at least.

Oh boy. There are so many ways to build this squad its not funny. I'm going to provide a number of suggestions that folks might like to consider. There's no particularly correct way here, it all depends on how one is fielding the rest of the army, and what formations might or might not be in play realistically.

10 Neophytes, 2 mining lasers (80 points).
Few other units in 40k can take pseudo-lascannons for this points value. Plus stand a chance of getting them back thanks to their special rules. And infiltrate. Very nice indeed. Add in more Neophytes to taste. Or a Goliath.

10 Neophytes, 2 Seismic Cannon (90 points).
A similar build to the above but a bit riskier and more situational. A bit of a glass cannon really!

20 Neophytes, all with shot guns, 2 webbers (120 points).
A cute close assault squad. Take flamers instead of webbers if desired. Take a web pistol on the leader to taste.

10 Neophytes, 1 autocannon team (60 points).
A bit of a defensive unit really. Not sure I like it. Good for objective sitting. Add in 10 more neophytes and 2 flamers for insurance purposes!

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