Monday, January 16, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Aberrants

Their origins are not exactly pinned down well, but the Aberrants come along in almost any hybrid generation. Perhaps they're just mutants or bad reactions with the host genes. Or maybe they're thanks to tinkering of the other hybrids in gene slicing. Whatever the origin, they are strong and hard hitting.

I like their stat line with a good Strength, Toughness and 2 Wounds each. Very nice indeed.

However, they might need to have some back up from the psychic might of the Patriarch or the Magus in all reality. Add in some furious charge and other biomancy and you're looking at a very hard hitting unit indeed.

Like most of the rest of the army, the 5+ save is not going to do them very well against bolt guns sadly. Their initiative is not high, but it probably does not need to be.

The major gripe I have is their points cost. By this, I mean terminators are better value for points just about. Hence, I don't think that the Aberrants are a competitive selection overall. But they do have their uses (vehicle killing).

Not many options here: only additional squad members and the choice to take hammers over picks. I like the hammers for the AP and the S bonuses myself -- the higher the S, the better they can take out tanks, after all.

8 Aberrants all with hammers (240 points).
Unsubtle and a bit of a hammer unit, pun not entirely intended. Use them to take out tanks.

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