Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Chimera

Stolen, hidden and ready for use when the cult spews forth from its hidden tunnels, the Chimera is a mainstay of the Imperial Guard and its uses are probably well known.

The Chimera is arguably one of the nicer transports in the game since it is able to pump out plenty of shots from the las gun arrays, the heavy bolter and the multi-laser.

Water is also not an issue for its movement -- the Chimera is amphibious for those of you who might be like me and regularly overlook this fact.

Yes, it costs more than a space marine rhino. But so what. Its a bit better really. The only negative is shared with the rhino -- this is not an assault vehicle.

All that said, there are few other forces in the game that can make all their transports infiltrate and (or) outflank. This is terrific and could readily be built upon with some choice upgrades.

There are not too many builds to consider in the absence of formations. Here are a few.

Chimera (65 points).
The naked build with standard equipment remains a mainstay of any Imperial Guard type army. It is excellent here as well.

Chimera with heavy flamers in place of both multi laser and heavy bolter (65 points).
Very nice for outflanking some opponents when required. Take a dozer blade or hunter-killer missile to taste.

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