Saturday, January 28, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Goliath Truck

Along with others, I was disappointed to not see cult limo's in this army list. The Goliath makes up for this a bit by being fluffy in terms of an army based around hard working hybrids hidden from society for a long time down in the mines (or elsewhere).

The Goliath is open topped which means that anyone embarked on it can assault directly from it. This is fabulous and resonates very well with the melee aspects of the army.

However, costing more than a rhino and being open topped means it won't last as long in all probability.

The weapons are nice enough with a twin linked auto cannon on board that will make a difference to the truck. The heavy stubber is neither here nor there, but its okay.

On top of this, the rugged construction rule is great for keeping the truck going come what may.

Purestrains cannot get on board. Presumably their claws are a bit too sharp?

The only real question here is whether to take demolition charges? The range of these is very low and hence there's a good chance of blowing up the truck through their use. But if you have the full hull points intact, then it might be worth it as a one off to take out some terminators before charging in to mop up the rest with some rending weapons. Hence, I would recommend:

Goliath (50 points).
The basic build is actually really nice overall!

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TheGraveMind said...

I don't like it, I think it's a trap. You're basically taking an ork trukk, making it more expensive for a gun you shouldn't shoot. You're trying to get a unit to a destination, flat out that sucker.
Also you can't ambush inside your transport,so really what's the point.

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