Friday, July 1, 2016

Omegon's Man

Deep within a splinter of a Harrowing, Omegon's Man stands ready to lead the Loyalists (or Traitors? We're not entirely sure) of the Alpha Legion to victory.

Featuring a blend of Forge World parts (body of Master of Signals); Chaos Space Marines (head), Space Marines (Arms, Shoulders, weapons) and a shield from Scibor, this guy is effectively going to function as a Praetor (or similar) for Omegon within my Alpha Legion faction. Or perhaps just a squad sergeant for some breachers, or similar. 

The base features a base topper from Anvil Industry, and will eventually get some more attention around the edges with some extra pebbles (etc) to fill in the gap right to the edge of the 32mm base. 


Brad Graham said...

Would it be possible to swap the shield to his back or other arm? Just not sure how he would use his powerfist atm with it there. The parts and idea are excellent though

jabberjabber said...

I actually thought about that in hindsight as well!
I ended up liking it regardless, and thought that the power fist "field" would extend over the shield (perhaps)! i.e. a swiping backhand on the shield, or perhaps a slicing action, rather than a clenched knuckle fist to the face?

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