Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heldrake Base Colours

I am currently in the process of painting up a Heldrake for a friend. The colour scheme for this one is green, with lighter edging. Not too dissimilar to the efforts that I put in to the Warhound Titan that I am currently finishing off to be honest.

The image shows where I'm up to. The base colours are now all in place. Following a black undercoat, a silver airbrush layer was applied to ensure a certain shine on the model, followed by a couple of thinned down layers of green. Reikland Flesh edging was then applied to offset this green colour nicely, and is slightly Nurgle suggestive in parts.

The model is not yet finished. It is simply to a "table top standard" at this stage (which is to say more than the usual 3 colours minimum that is specified by some tournaments). I'd like to do some shading next, but the model is needed for play soon, so I'm pausing at this point and will continue with this one later in the year. 

One of the problems faced here though was the sheer spikeyness of the model! I like to hold the model in my offhand whilst painting. Yes: I know I could do other wise and use the stand, but its just the way I like to undertake things. But oh my! - my offhand feels very prickled right now! I'm going to bed to heal up and hope that I don't get a Nurgly infection!

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