Monday, July 4, 2016

Legion Popularity on Warpstone Flux

I was asked a question a little while ago: which of the 30k legions is the most popular on your blog? Which has had the most hits?

This is actually a tough question to answer in some ways, as each legion has had a different number of posts dedicated to them (as my whim goes), and the Alpha Legion has had plenty more as its certainly known that I've got a 30k Alpha Legion army. 

So to be able to identify this, I thought I would simply look at the number of hits each of the Legion Rules Review pages has had. I then divided through by the number of months each of these posts has been active for on the blog. And then normalised to the Alpha Legion. Because the Alpha Legion wins hands down.

So, in order, here are the most popular legions.
1. Alpha Legion (rating: 1.00)
2. Blood Angels (rating 0.95)
3. Iron Warriors (rating 0.69)
4. Imperial Fists (rating 0.63)
5. Night Lords (rating 0.58)
6. Dark Angels (rating 0.56)
7. White Scars (rating 0.43)
8. Ultramarines (rating 0.41)
9. Word Bearers (rating 0.38)
10. Raven Guard (rating 0.34)
11. Iron Hands (rating 0.29)
12. Salamanders (rating 0.27)
13. World Eaters (rating 0.22)
14. Death Guard (rating 0.21)
15. Sons of Horus (rating 0.19)
16. Emperor's Children (rating 0.17)

Four legions are not in the list, Space Wolves, Thousand Sons and the two lost legions (for obvious reasons). 

I'm a little surprised that the World Eaters (and, indeed, everyone from Betrayal) has scored so poorly. Clearly I might have just been getting underway with these reviews, and arguably they're not as in depth as the more recent articles. I suppose that's fair. But on raw hits, the World Eaters and company are actually not so shabby. 

Speaking of raw hits, only time will tell if the latest three additions (Blood Angels, White Scars and Dark Angels) have any staying power in this list. I'm particularly impressed with the Imperial Fists and Night Lords though. Their scores surprised me in this normalised list -- I wouldn't have picked them so high up personally.

And there we have it. The Alpha Legion are the "most popular" in terms of both normalised hits and raw hits to this blog. The Emperor's Children have the lowest number of hits per month -- some seventeen per cent of what the Alpha Legion gets every month. Caveat Emptor -- Make of this what you will!

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