Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dreadnought Picture in Retribution

So, I was flicking through Horus Heresy book 6: Retribution this evening, thinking about which review to write up next, when I came across this image on pages 202 and 203. 

Okay, the page is in the typically lush and glorious style that we've come to expect of Forge World's take on the Heresy series just under the Shattered Legion rules. But what really took my notice in this image is the dreadnought. Nope, not the Deredeo that can be seen on the left hand side that probably grabbed your attention. Look instead to the right hand side of the image. Therein is a "normal" dreadnought. 

Looks like the old style Raven Guard dreadnought chassis to my eyes. Regardless, its really awesome to see a "normal" dreadnought finally getting some photoshop editing done in these books. Almost every dreadnought that I see is a contemptor otherwise in these books! Not that there's anything wrong with contemptors, they're great. I just like seeing regular dreadnoughts as well :)

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