Saturday, July 2, 2016

Games Workshop Nottingham

I have the good fortune to visit Nottingham every once in a while … meaning about once every couple of years. Usually I make a dive for Warhammer World in said city. But on this visit, I took a slight detour and went to Games Workshop Nottingham retail store instead. It is distinct from Warhammer World by several kilometres (miles).

Whereas Warhammer World is located on an industrial estate to the South-West of the city centre, Games Workshop Nottingham is located in the city centre itself. It is barely a 5 minute walk from the railway station in the city and about the same from the main bus terminus and the Broadmarsh shopping centre. The store itself is on Friar Lane, a somewhat busy road that runs to the north of these major transit and shopping locations. As such, it is a very accessible location. (Equally, I'm always personally surprised how hilly Nottingham is … I always have it in my mind that its a flat area of the UK -- it is not!).

Physically, the store is not too large, but certainly adequate, with a number of gaming tables laid out. It is one of those long and narrow type stores (slightly L-shaped at the rear by the looks of it) that I suspect at peak times might be tough to squeeze around the edges of the tables. That said, I must emphasise that when I visited, the store had not quite fully opened yet. This can be seen in the picture where the rollers are partially up.

Inside, the store had a number of displays, but do you see the shoulder pad of the marine in the store's window -- very cool!

Overall, it's kind of an average store. At first, I thought this was a surprise given that this is Nottingham -- the home of many games companies in the UK. But then again, I guess that many people are like me and would prefer to wander the halls of Warhammer World instead given the option. Hence I think this store is one for locals with ready access to the city centre but who may find it tougher to get to the industrial estate that Warhammer World is situated on. Therefore, they're probably catering to different communities, at a guess.

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