Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eleventh Legion Tease?

In preparing some Horus Heresy Reviews, I was flicking through my copy of Retribution and found something that may merit wider discussion. I want to draw your attention to pages 94 and 95 of Retribution today. The reason for this is that I feel we're being teased about the origins (or fate) of the Eleventh Legion. 

Here's the two pictures in question.

The first image shows a Storm Eagle belonging to the Dark Brotherhood. I want you to look closely at the iconography on the door. Just below the icon in Roman Numerals is "XI". i.e. 11. To the right of that is an Omega. A possible interpretation is that the Dark Brotherhood (or their leader: Nemean -- a Blackshield, and agent of Malcador) is (are) the last survivor(s) of the 11th.

The text of the second image reads:
"Legion Storm Eagle of the Dark Brotherhood. This vessel was used by the Blackshield leader called the Nemean at the Conclave of Optera, and bears heraldry and adornment unique to him and which hint at his origins. The text on the vessel's flanks appear to reference several battles of the Third Rangdan Xenocide, a campaign of apocalyptic proportions prosecuted by the 1st Legion and its allies across vast swathes of the galactic north-west."

So, are we being teased here? Is the Nemean some kind of remnant of the 11th legion? Or was he once part of the Dark Angels as his entry later in Retribution hints at?

[A link back to this blog would be appreciated if you discuss this elsewhere please folks. I'd certainly like to see what others think, regardless of whether its here or elsewhere.]

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JamesP said...

To me, Nemean made me think of the Nemean Lion from the Twelve Labours of Hercules - so *possibly* an oblique reference to the Lion of the Dark Angels?

It would be fascinating if there were some more hints about the two lost legions. Having a survivor as a Blackshield would seem to be no more controversial than hinting that some astartes from the lost legions were inducted into the Ultramarines - i.e. it wouldn't break GW's self-declared commandment that the truth about the two lost legions will never be known, so that players can make up their own stories.

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