Friday, July 8, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Herald

The Herald is a new Consul type introduced in Book 6: Retribution. In short, this marine is a standard bearer who brings a big banner to the army that the loyalists, traitors (or blackshields) consider to be almost sacred. It causes the marines to whip themselves up in to a fervour. And they get bonuses accordingly.

Overall, its a very nice touch, and a viable choice for a low points limit game.

The obvious strength comes from having this HQ alive and raising the banner high. Depending on the faction, this can do several things. For the loyalist, the boon is not so hot, giving an extra pip to WS. I feel this would work well for certain legions more than others. Dark Angels and Blood Angels spring to mind.

For the traitors, it encourages a more aggressive play style thanks to the bonus to the charge range, run distance and re-rolling of 1's in assault on the charge turn. This clearly favours almost any melee orientated build and combines well with any legion that is armed for close combat.

And for the Blackshields faction, there's a bonus to Leadership. This is very nice as one must always remember that "And They Shall Know No Fear" special rule is not in effect in 30k.

The access to the Rite of Command is very nice for low points values, and a 1000 points army list could readily be build around this guy.

The obvious weakness here is giving away a victory point for slaying this guy.

I'm also a little bewildered by the combination of having this guy be the warlord, whilst also having him as a none compulsory HQ selection. You're going to need another support officer basically! Equally, that's not so bad at low points levels.

A couple of ideas here.

Legion Herald, Thunder Hammer, Faction Banner (115 points).
An aggressive build to place inside a close combat squad. Very nice for any faction really.

Legion Herald, Combi-Plasma, Refractor Field, Melta Bombs, Charnabal Sabre, Faction Banner (125 points).
A very upgraded version of the herald, and possible a bit over the top. This one provides flexibility and is a nice accompaniment to almost any troops or elites squad. Replace the sabre with a power fist to taste.

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