Saturday, July 16, 2016

Caveats on Horus Heresy Reviews

I thought it was worth issuing a couple of caveats today. This has come about due to the (many) changes in points values that the new red books from Forge World have produced in units for the Horus Heresy. A summary of some of these changes can be found on Terminus Est and other places, for the curious. I'm not going to go over them here.

I want to state the obvious though. All of the Horus Heresy Reviews that are on Warpstone Flux were reasonably correct at the time of posting. This means that 6th edition was in force when I began with Betrayal for a start. Clearly the "meta game" has evolved since then.

In almost every review for the Horus Heresy, I include sample builds for units that I think are either competitive, interesting or worth noting. Given the recent points value changes, some of these are no longer accurate. I receive a number of messages (actually, you might not believe the number of messages I get!) about these. The fact of the matter is that I simply do not have the time at this precise moment to trawl back through all of the reviews to update the points values. When I get a holiday at Christmas, I might undertake that, but its of questionable value overall.

When FAQs come along, I do at least try to update any pertinent review. But these tend to be on an ad-hoc basis.

TL;DR: I do try to update things, but I'm time limited.

PS: Thanks for everyone's encouragement in 30k and beyond. Its always appreciated to know that I have such an impact on you good folks!


Mordian7th said...

Rather looking forward to getting my hands on the new book and see how it changes up potential army builds. Really happy to see some of the points adjustments, several of which you'd pointed out as needing addressing (cheaper assault squads, hooray!).

Just means more opportunities for reviews in the future, right? Hah!

jabberjabber said...

hahah - yeah -- plenty more reviews yet to come!
I'm certainly very happy to see some of the (negative) points changes -- its going to make a big difference against certain 40k forces I think.

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