Saturday, March 21, 2015

Unboxing a Contemptor Missile Pod

Although the box is labelled as a contemptor pattern missile pod, in 30k, this will be treated as a havoc launcher for contemptor talons, or contemptor-mortis dreadnoughts. It is broadly a popular choice for fire power based contemptors as it can add an extra layer of firepower to ensure that enemy units are whittled down before they can pose a serious threat.

Alternatively, they can provide a contemptor that has two dreadnought close combat weapons with some extra firepower that is able to soften up an enemy unit prior to the dreadnought charging at it. 

The image displays the contents of the missile launchers straight out of the box.

There are two sprues contained within. The upper one are the two upper covers for the missile launchers which sit either side of the bit / sensor array that sits directly on the centre of the model. 

The lower sprue consists of (Left to Right): missile pod, a contemptor head, the central bit / sensor array, and the second missile pod.

To put them together, its simply a case of gluing the missile pods to the central bit / sensor array and applying the upper covers to the pods. The head can be used as a direct swap for other contemptor heads and features a zoom-in telescopic augmetic fitted over the eye. In all, very simple to put together, but perhaps needing some hot water to slightly re-shape the upper covers if necessary.

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