Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finished Plasma Blaster Tartaros Truescale Terminator

This is the final, truescale, tartaros terminator armed with a plasma cannon which will be counting as a plasma blaster, plus a power sword. The pose is intended to suggest some dynamism: the blaster is held in an almost upright position to the body, whilst the sword arm is extended, as if either engaging with an enemy (perhaps a parry manoeuvre even?), or pointing in the general direction in which to charge.

As with the sergeant of this squad, I've built the model so that the extra height to account for the true scale comes in at the waist and hips. This is achieved in a very simple manner by adding extra green stuff in to the gap between the torso and the legs.

The overall effect is one that I'm please with and will sit well alongside the other terminators for my (slowly) growing Alpha Legion 30k army!

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