Sunday, March 8, 2015

Posing Marines for Gun-Kata

I've written a number of articles now on "gun-kata" for space marines (see, e.g.: here) . In brief, this is inspired by Hollywood movies such as Equilibrium and a number of others. Boiled down to its essence, it involves the individual assuming certain poses with guns in each hand so that they maximise their kill zones, whilst minimising potential incoming fire in return. Or at least that's what the background is supposed to be - clearly its science fiction.

But when the idea of gun-kata is applied to space marines, it creates some very dynamic conversion opportunities for the budding modeller. The example below is my latest addition to my range for my growing Alpha Legion 30k force. 

What we have here is a combination of parts sources from space marines (back pack, bolter, bolt pistol, shoulder pad), chaos space marines (torso, head), and conversion parts from Anvil Industry (arms, bolter conversion).

Of these, the arms from Anvil Industry permit an excellent variation in poses for space marines - at least in comparison to regular space marine arms (and they certainly rival, or are arguably better than, even assault marine posed arms). Indeed, it is these arms that ensure such a rich variety of poses in a number of my models I'm building for this force. 

In this particular example, I have the right arm with the standard bolter pointing outward from the body at a reasonably steep angle. The bolt pistol arm is straight, and pointed upward in the air. The idea here is that the marine has just taken a shot with the bolt pistol and has raised his arm, whilst the bolter has just come in to play and he's firing with that now. No doubt, the next pose will be to bring the bolt pistol in to a new position for firing…! I think this combination speaks volume about the dynamism of these space marines, and brings them to life in a way that is not often seen on the table top.

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