Monday, March 2, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Myrmidon Secutors

Priests of the mechanicum cult and a breed apart from the other magos, they are essentially a grouping of war-like mechanicum who pursue the art of destruction as a way in which to reveal mysteries of the Omnissiah. Quite rightly, they get access to some of the more destructive weapons available to the mechanicum and they are able to fire two ranged weapons in the same turn. To be clear: they are weapons platforms for the main part, but having a power axe certainly means they're also able to take on most armoured infantry in the game as well. Indeed, many of the ranged weapons really require a close range to function, and the Myrmidons are certainly able to bring them close as well. But given they cannot run or sweeping advance, we probably want them to focus on shooting and only think of the power axe as a back up.

Stat-wise, they have BS of 5 and a T of 5 meaning that they're going to be great at shooting and tough to bring down. Coupled with 2 W each and 3+ save (plus invulnerable) means they are also going to be hard to dislodge as well. Let's look at a couple of builds.

6 Myrmidons, all with two phased plasma fusils (465 points)
Okay - these mechanicum are very pricey. But given the plasma and given the sheer number of shots coupled with their ability to stick around, they're going to be taking out at least one squad per turn of marines - almost guaranteed. If anything, reduce the points by cutting back on the number of members.

3 Myrmidons, all with two graviton guns (210 points)
For all your graviton shenanigans!

5 Myrmidons, each with one volkite charger and one irad-cleanser (340 points)
I like this combination of weapons, but you might not. Perhaps irad-cleansers with plasma fusils might float your boat more?

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