Saturday, March 7, 2015

Size Comparison for Truescale Terminators

This is an image that was requested by multiple people following on from my conversion of a Tartaros terminator in to a truescale terminator. The conversion can be read about here, but in brief, if involves extending the miniature upward by providing a bit of extra filling (in the form of green stuff) between the torso and the legs. 

The image below shows the squad sergeant next to a standard (unconverted) chaos space marine terminator. 

The first thing to note about the image is that I didn't quite have the two miniatures level: the chaos space marine is slightly in front due to this positioning (and the position of the camera). This means that the chaos space marine terminator appears taller than he should do.

But the critical thing to note here is how much taller the Tartaros truescale terminator is looking. In all, he is at least one head taller than his chaos terminator brethren. And this has all been brought about simply by the torso extension. Critically, he doesn't look out of proportion either -- he's simply taller and perhaps leaner than his cousin.

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