Monday, March 16, 2015

Games Workshop Oxford Street London, on Bloodthirster Release Day

Continuing my ever expanding series of Games Workshop store reviews, today I wanted to share some thoughts about my visit to the Oxford Street, London store (UK). As always, I usually do an anonymous shopper thing and purchase a small item and have a chat with the staff there. I must say, that the (apparently solo?) staff member who served me was the height of courteousness and provided total customer service! I guess a lot of stores in London do do that, and it contrasts to the hustle and bustle of the streets outside.

For those of you unfamiliar with London, Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping precincts in London. Around Oxford Circus tube station, the crush of the crowds is pretty intense - especially during the rush hours (which is when I happened to walk along there to the GW store - a bit of a mistake on my part perhaps, but also the only time I had to walk there). Physically, the store is situated a good ten minute walk away from the Oxford Circus tube station and is located within a smaller plaza just off Oxford Street. It was very easy to find and pleasantly near the entrance to the plaza. The store itself is of a modest to small size, with three gaming surfaces (appropriately covered in miniatures set up to play with ranging from 40k, to the Hobbit) and several works in progress, plus ample space for painting. I was particularly intrigued by several blue-and-white painted magewrath skull piles that were looking like they were going to make some awesome scenery when finished. 

I visited the store on the release day of the new Khorne Bloodthirster as well - hence I snapped the photo below in their glass cabinet to justify to myself just how humongous the new greater daemon is. Very impressive when sat next to Glottkin. 

Other than that, they're really looking forward to the opening of a new store on Tottenham Court Road and were pushing a number of special events surrounding that. Overall: impressed, but would have thought the store might have been bigger given its location.


Siph_Horridus said...

Jabberjabber, it's Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. The Oxford Street one is in The Plaza shopping centre - it was one of the early UK stores, I remember going there in 1993... glad it's still up and going!

jabberjabber said...

Oops!!! I've made the corrections - thanks for the keen eyes!!
I enjoyed my visit there, but not so much the crush of the crowds in the street outside(!)

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