Friday, March 6, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Myrmidon Destructors

Power fists, preferred enemy (EVERYTHING!), and a choice of weapons makes the small drawback of not being able to make run moves or sweeping advances pale into insignificance. They're reasonably durable with 2W each and T5 and have a refractor field to help out. They're balanced overall in terms of the points cost, but some care will be needed on where to place them for best effect on the battle field.

For the main part, I think they will be wanting to sit back and pummel anything appropriate in range. That said, with the volkite weapons, they can afford to get a bit closer and deflagrate their enemies.

Here's a few sample builds to mull over.

5 Destructors, all armed with volkite culverins (315 points)
As with all volkite armed squad, one wants to go big or go home. Here, I've opted for a bit less than the full 10 squad size as it really starts to get pricey at that level and might not truly be needed. The idea is simple enough: go forth, deflagrate and then charge enemy troops with those power fists.

3 Destructors, all armed with Conversion Beamers (225 points)
Very esoteric, and very nasty at uber long range. This squad has huge potential to take out most things in the game short of titans if they can keep their range (and not move, of course). An interesting and entertaining option.

4 Destructors, all armed with photon thruster cannons (295 points)
This is your terminator killer squad. Just don't kill yourself through Gets Hot! and it'll be all good. I hope. Replace with irradiation engines to taste.

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