Sunday, March 22, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw

Primarily, this is a ship to ship assault vehicle, delivering its cargo to where its needed by burning its way in through metres of bulkhead and outer spaceship layers.

The (not upgradable) price of the Kharybdis places it as equal or slightly more expense than a land raider. Is it worth such a price tag though?  Well, despite the AV13 all around, it does feature an impressive 5 hull points.

But the primary reason for taking it is probably going to be the ability to take a whopping 20 space marines on board. This is a full tactical squad - all ready to be placed in to position and even use Fury of the Legion when they arrive (perhaps).

In terms of weapons, it has the heat blast and fire sweeping ability that the Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod does, but in addition, has five "storm launchers". In short, they're S6 heavy 2 and twin linked. These are significant and can provide a half decent amount of fire power for the legion for the price of the assault claw. To be clear: its not a game winner in itself, but can certainly add to the firepower of anything it is transporting.

Finally, it also has frag launchers as well as a "melta ram" ability that provides it with a good amount of tactical flexibility.

I primarily see its use as one of two things:
(i) to get a 20 man squad in to a certain position and let them open fire on turn one. This could work very nicely for tactical squads, but also for smaller sized tactical support squads armed with meltas or plasma guns. Or even volkites - which could be very nasty at short range against hordes!
(ii) getting a close combat orientated squad in to position to charge in on turn 2. Squads of ten strong terminators are an obvious choice here!

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