Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Legio Cybernetica Castellax Class Battle-Automata

Since "Legio Cybernetica Castellax Class Battle-Automata" is a bit of a mouthful, we might as well refer to them as robots. Of course, they're not 100% robots, as that would be illegal under the Omnissiah. But they're close to that. They have programmed behaviour if there is not a miniature with a cortex controller nearby (and that means they shoot the nearest enemy within 12", etc.), but they also get fearless and a number of special rules, at the expense of being a bit more vulnerable to haywire grenades than the typical Iron Hands space marine is.

Their standard configuration is to have a mauler bolt cannon, along with two bolt guns. Additionally they have shock chargers (which have the concussion rule) and atomantic shielding (like contemptors). In this configuration, the Castellax can effectively rip through a standard squad of space marines with relative ease (AP3 on the mauler bolt cannon, and pinning). There are multiple options with these robots and they can be configured for more ranged dakka, or even for close combat duty. Considering they're monstrous creatures with 4 W each and T7, they're really really tough as well.

A sample of builds that covers these options are below.

5 Castellax all with advanced targeting arrays (500 points)
Very expense, but almost guaranteed to be wiping out a 20 strong legion troops squad every turn. They're going to be rather dominant, and a big target, but at the cost of a huge points sink (more expensive that primarchs!).

1 Castellax with dark fire cannon, targeting array and search light (106 points)
A bit of a lone wolf robot here. The idea is to sit back and blast away from the back field. Effective at S7 and AP2, with lance, and rather unsubtle. It'll be hammering light tanks and other monsters to death reasonably expediently. And its relative cost is very attractive in comparison to other heavy weapon platforms. Add in an infra visor, siege wrecker, or eve power blades for fun.

3 Castellax with two power blades each, frag grenades, 2 flamers each, and multi-melta (330 points)
This is the close combat variant that I liked most. The multi melta is for getting troops out of tanks, the flamers are for models in cover and to deter others charging them, and the power blades are going to hurt with AP2 and rending. Add more models for more attacks on the charge perhaps, but otherwise there's little not to like here. Just remember that cortex controller for goodness sake!

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