Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Chaos Space Marine FAQ / Errata

The new Chaos Space Marine FAQ / Errata has been released for a day now.  Its brevity shocks me.  Either the authors really believe strongly there's nothing else to correct, or they forgot something.  If they forgot something, then what would it be?  I'm looking at you Daemon Princes.  You guys need to have MARKS as well as Eternal Warrior to make you worthwhile.

But let's look at what we got.  Three boons, and two oddities.

The two oddities are the same: Axe of Blind fury can now be wielded by both miniatures with the Mark of Khorne and Khornate Daemons.  But how are we purchasing Khornate Daemons to wield the Axe of Blind Fury please?  Is this some kind of strange fore-shadow to a future chaos daemons update / codex?  Hmmmmmmmm.

The first true Errata is the Typhus / Plague Zombie controversy.  Resolved in favour of large blobs of plague zombies.  Yay!  Time to purchase some zombie bits and mx with Cadians, Catachans, Ghouls, Skeletons, and green stuff!

The second is the correction to chaos terminators.  Instead of only being able to purchase either a special ranged weapon, or specialist melee weapon, or a pair of lightning claws, we can now do any of the three.  So don't go removing arms from those plastic terminators yet: our combi-meltas with chainfists are legal once more!

The third is a 5 point points-cost drop to the Helbrute (now 100 points).  That's actually very unusual for a FAQ / errata.  A sales inducement perhaps, since I don't know too many people online or offline who were worried that the Helbrute was mis-priced at 105 points.


MasterSlowPoke said...

Khorne Daemon Price solves your oddity.

The 5 point drop in Helbrute cost was due to a misprint in the English language codex. Foreign language codexes had him at 100 points.

jabberjabber said...

Ahhhhh -- that explains it! I seriously don't know why they just didn't FAQ/errata it so that deamon princes get all of the benefits listed PLUS the regular associated benefits of the Mark. (and eternal warrior, of course).

I didn't know about the other language codexes -- thanks for the info :)

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