Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plague Zombie

What do you get if you mix plastic bits from Cadians, Plaguebearers and warhammer fantasy Zombies, with a touch of greenstuff?  Well, the title of this post is kind of a give-away really, isn't it?  Yes, its a Plague Zombie.  And the first conversion of many that I'm hoping to accomplish.

Creating plague zombies is pretty easy to achieve for even the casual miniature convertor.  The bits are straight forward to go together and the best part is that even if it doesn't look quite right (or indeed: physically plausible), then you can get away with it: arms and legs at odd angles and crooked necks are all part and parcel of being a plague zombie, so roll with it!  I'm dredging the bits box for a few other finds to see what else I can incorporate.  I was thinking that some fantasy ghouls might be a nice touch, but also Catachans, the old Chaos Mutation sprue, and even an odd Orky arm or armour might not go too much amiss to be honest. Heck, why should humans have all the fun: I'm sure Grandpa Nurgle would be only too happy to count Ork plague zombies amongst his flock.

This particular chap features the legs and chainsword arm of a Cadian sergeant, coupled with a zombie torso and right arm (notice the grenades being carried in the zombie arm as well), a zombie head inside a cracked Cadian helmet, a utility belt at the rear (just above the buttocks) and a cute nurgling tugging at the zombie's innards to pull him along in the right direction a bit faster!  I like the dynamism of this conversion, the humour of the nurgling, coupled with the menace of the chainsword and the un-realized potential of the grenades: does the zombie have enough brains left to pull the pins on them?  Or will the nurgling do the job itself eventually?

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Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

I'm personally planning to use a mixture of Mantic zombies and ghouls. They are even selling a mixture of zombies and sci-fi 'Corporation' troopers at the moment to create a cheap horde of sci-fi zombies, but I think I'll stick with the fantasy style ones so it looks like a horde of the civilian population come back to life after death...

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