Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plague Marines Got Cheaper in the New Codex

I want to make a point today that might not be so obvious on the surface.  It is this.  Plague marines got cheaper in the new codex, despite apparent points costs to the contrary (i.e. the basic trooper costing 1 pt more!).  Here's why.

In the new codex, Death Guard players get 1 champion and 4 plague marines for 10 points less than in the old codex.  Hence unless we're taking lots of additional plague marines to our units (perhaps a 14 man strong squad for fluffy reasons?) then the new codex is always going to be working out cheaper.

Consider this "typical" set up from 5th edition (typical in the sense that I used to run it anyway...!):
7 plagues marines, of which 1 is a plague champion armed with a power fist, 1 flamer, 1 melta gun, 1 rhino with havoc launcher = 266 points.

Now consider the 6th edition equivalent: 255 points.

Oh yeah: the havoc launcher got cheaper too!  Horrah!

And plague marines now have plague swords once more.  So, my typical squad got 11 points cheaper AND has more abilities!  Count the Seven!

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