Friday, January 28, 2011

Plaguebearer Orchestra

Whilst I can only imagine that plaguebearers are not the most musically gifted virtuoso creatures of the Warp, a pair of them ringing dread bells together must signal woe to all who hear them.

The front plaguebearer is the new one of the pair (the rear-ward, right hand one can be seen in full here).  For the new, front one, I decided to have a bit of a go at painting some blue slime, to match up with the blue plagueswords that I've painted a number of my other plaguebearers with.  This isn't my first attempt at the blue slime (as can be seen from my standard bearer).  Here, I've base coated the slimy portions with space wolf grey and followed up by using a traditional blue ink -- dark, vibrant and somewhat glossy.  The inking was followed up by selective highlighting in pastel blues to create the final slime-ridden vision. 

The plaguebearer itself was base coated in dwarf flesh and graveyard earth brown blends and then liberally washed with devlan mud.  Highlighting was picked out in muddy colours that progress up to an almost rust-like orange tone (essentially dheneb stone mixed with blazing orange).  As well as picking out the sores and poxes in lighter colours, the cyclopean orb was painted in slightly off-white and the tongue picked out in a strangely healthy-ish colour.

1 comment:

Muskie said...

Not bad. I've never painted that model, which is something considering I did up a horde of plaguebearers 40 strong.

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