Sunday, January 16, 2011

Codex: Dark Angels now in-line with Codex: Space Marines

The new batch of FAQs and Errata from Games Workshop has seriously updated the Dark Angels Codex and brought it in to line with the more recent space marines (plural) codex.  My long time readers will know I have a soft spot for the Dark Angels, so I am really pleased to see this progression. Here's the headlines from the FAQ:

  • All veterans may replace their bolter and chainsword with special options (not just 3).
  • Storm Shields now provide a 3+ invulnerable save (was 4+).
  • The narthecium/reductor now provides feel no pain to the unit to which the apothecary is attached (rather than letting 1 unsaved wound be ignored per turn; etc.).
  • Typhoon missile launcher update.
  • Cyclone missile launcher becomes Heavy 2 (rather than heavy 1).
  • Whirlwinds get barrage.
  • Power of the machine spirit gets updated.
  • Drop pods become BS=4 (was BS=2).
  • Combat shield becomes 6+ invulnerable.
  • Smoke launchers come into line with the newer codex: space marines.
Okay, Death Wing terminator squads are still 15 points more expensive than codex: space marines terminator squads; the only compensation being that the get the Death Wing assault rules.  But Codex: Dark Angels is looking much more attractive now.


Aleksi Lehtio said...

When equipping termies with THSS they are actually cheaper then BA and SW, and come with fearless. Not too shabby imo.

Meatball said...

Yeah I was happy to see both the Dark Angels and the Black Templars. Now off to make some lists :)

Firewasp said...

Was certainly pleased to see my Templars get an update, might have to dust off my boxes of unopened terminators now.

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