Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Fiend of Slaanesh

Fiends of Slaanesh are one of the most utilised and useful cogs in the competitive daemons machinery.  I've slowly been putting together a set of them, the first of which can be seen in an earlier posting.

Although fiends come in a number of casts, I haven't purchased every variety.  Hence for this fiend, I've re-positioned its claws in to a different pose and tilted the head slightly to suggest it is looking leftward for new prey.  

The painting for this fiend consisted of a light blue base coat, followed by a beep blue inking.  The blue layers were then worked upward with progressively lighter blue tones and brought together with an asurmen blue wash.  The armour plated shins were painted in sunburst yellow and washed with watered-down chaos black.  They were then steadily painted in lighter yellow tones and accented with almost pure skull white at the outer edges.  A similar proscription was used for the fur on the head, torso and tail.  I wasn't too happy with the face, and so accented it with a blue-white mixture to give it superior definition, or make-up perhaps.

The base of the miniature is constructed out of spare Hirst Arts blocks that were glued on to the base and had the fiend milliputted (greenstuffed) in to position without needing to resort to pinning.  On top of the black undercoat, I've simply drybrushed the Hirst Arts blocks with dheneb stone, followed by a mixture of dheneb stone and skull white.  The final miniature has the appearance of an odd, daemonic, Slaaneshi creature bounding over the ruins of an ancient temple looking for its next play-thing.

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