Monday, January 10, 2011

Basing a Bloodcrusher

The plastic Bloodcrusher of Khorne is a fantastic miniature.  If you've assembled any, you'll notice that the front hooves are invariably in action -- off the ground and leaping forward with menace.  Only the rear hooves are touching the ground (and a few of them are standing on plastic skulls themselves!).  Hence, to base this bloodcrusher, I adopted a different approach.  

I picked up a bag of metal "off-casts" bits from a model railway exhibition the family went to a few years back -- it was only something like five dollars for a small bag full of random, assorted, and otherwise useless bits.  In the image, you can see a couple of these bits attached to the base (via milliput and superglue).  They are basically bits of a train that have been mis-case, or otherwise rendered pointless for railway enthusiasts (unless they were in to post-apocalyptic train station?).  However, they are absolutely perfect for 40k basing purposes!

I've positioned one of the longer intact stripes of metal off-casts underneath the front hooves of the bloodcrusher's juggernaut.  Dynamically speaking, this creates a minor illusion of the beast stepping over, or leaping over, some debris in it's path.  

In addition to the off-casts, I've attached bits from the 40k basing kit: an abandoned auspex, etched metal, small and larger stones as well as black, fine grit to fill in the gaps in between.  A complete, authentic, themed base in less than 15 mins.  

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