Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painted Relay Station / Doomsday Device

This is the painted Relay Station / Doomsday Device that I built out of bits and a shaped wooden block that was originally intended as a replacement bed part.  A Verdus Prime necron is shown for scale.

I've added three lines of red, green and blue along the surface of the Doomsday Device -- suggestive of external wiring and thrumming power of unknown, arcane origins that may date to the Dark Ages of technology.  The rest of the model is painted in black and has boltgun silver highlights and drybrushing across its surface.

I think it wouldn't look out of place on many battlefield surfaces, and personally reminded me of the necron table I played on at a tournament a few years ago.

I'll be using it as a line of sight blocking terrain piece and backdrop.


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Haha! This is kind of funny, actually. I read your post and I had no idea what the Doomsday Device did... But! I played an Apocalypse game today and one of our younger opponents used a Doomsday Device which only rolled 5-7, dropping single Apocalyptic Barrages left and right. It really didn't do anything, but was cool nonetheless. We could have killed it easily (he deployed it in our deployment zone) even when it is AV 14/14/14 with 3 Structure points... but we all kind of wanted to see what would happen! His was made out of primed duct tape and the Rhino interior piece... Looked silly, but worked.

Anonymous said...

Nice work JabberJabber - the coloured 'wiring' makes it pop a bit more than a bland black surface.

Its a good use of random odds and sods being put to good work.


Loquacious said...

Is the top Lego, or stamped aluminum? I can't really tell... but it's neat nonetheless.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks guys!

@Loquacious -- the top is a square warhammer fantasy base, turned upside-down!

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