Monday, January 24, 2011

Painted Bloodcrusher

This is the painted version of the bloodcrusher that was built at the start of the year.  The paint scheme follows my herald of Khorne, with the reds, blacks and bronzes being prominent, combined with wet-blending of the hell-blade's colours as per my bloodletter troops.

The highlighting of the bloodcrusher required some work, with lighter glints of the metalic hell-blade hilt, and around the gold / bronze metal bits (on the head, upper forelegs, and around the bronze edging just above the chainmail on the legs).  Additionally, orange highlights were applied to the red parts of the juggernaut and attention was paid to the scratch marks around the body of the juggernaut.

The base meanwhile, was painted in a modestly simple fashion -- drybrushing of metallic colours and bleached bone plus dheneb stone.  I decided not to add any grass to the base, but I might add just one clump to break up the urban decay feel.

1 comment:

Night Runner said...

I have the same problem here in Malta. I find that tiny amounts of acrylic retarder helps.

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