Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relay Station / Doomsday Device from Cast-offs and Bits

This cheap terrain idea came to me whilst meandering around the local hardware store.  I purchased the wooden block pictured for under $5 -- it is a spare bed bit apparently.  

I then glued various bits and pieces from my bits box to the sides of the wooden block.  The squares are obviously warhammer fantasy battle citadel bases -- I seem to accumulate them given the chaos miniatures that I collect (and the zombies that I hacked up for Death Guard accentuation).  The aerial is from a tank command kit that came with the apocalypse vindicator line breaker formation box; whilst the rhino doors were spares from a predator kit.  The only other non-citadel bit was the circular metal thing you see on one side -- that is a lid from a gravy powder tin that was otherwise destined for household recycling.  

I intend to paint it up black and add some detailing to the more blank portions of the block.  I intend it to be some enigmatic kind of techno relay station ... not necessarily an imperial one.  Having added a chaos tank bit to the upper edge of one side, I'm also thinking that it could easily double up as a chaos Doomsday Device as well.  


CounterFett said...

It looks like the Pyramid radar arrays that were part of the Spartan ABM arrays in North Dakota!

Made of WIN!

CounterFett said...

ah, found a link, tell me there's not a resemblance?


John Lambshead said...

It looks sort of Atlanean, pulp version.

Warhammer39999 said...

I'd buy it as a doomsday device. IMO, such devices should be intentionally ambiguous--to prevent them from being easily disabled.

jabberjabber said...

@CounterFett -- There's a strong resemblance there, no doubt about it! Great linking find!

@John -- Yes: I can see the pulp version of it, definitely.

@Warhammer39999 -- You're absolutely right; ambiguity would be desirable.

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