Saturday, June 5, 2010

Painted Fiend of Slannesh

This fiend of Slaanesh was not so evil to paint in the end. I might even go as far as to say that I enjoyed(*) it. I decided to go with a white undercoat for this miniature as I wanted to ensure that the colours that I used were nice and vibrant.

Following a basecoat of bleached bone on the body and liche purple on the fur, I then inked the whole model with a couple of washes of devlan and some deep purple ink in the fur. After allowing sufficient time for these layers to dry, I applied a further devlan wash to really ensure that the recesses were suitably shaded. Rather than dry brush the miniature as I might do with Nurgle models, I decided that I would have a go at painting each individual line of highlight on to the model directly. Starting out with a mixture of brown and white, I gradually worked my way up not only the tones, but also up the scorpion-like tail, taking my time to ensure that each segment was getting some individual treatment.

The fur I also picked out one by one in a lighter shade of purple. In turn, the purple was mixed in with pink for some final highlighting. The chitinous armour on the legs was painted in a tyranid-like manner to suggest aging. The horns and tongue were picked out in a lipstick-bright shade of red which was slightly toned to brighter shades at the tips. I also polka-dotted the skin of the flesh near to the fur to suggest blotching (freckles?) on the surface of the body. The Slaaneshi rune was picked out separately to ensure it stood out.

With the claws, I applied a heavier wash of darker colours (more brown) to ensure that they had a different hue to the main body. This also helped the more pointed bits of the claw (picked out in white) to stand out. Further, the blotches on the claws were also picked out in a pale yellow tone.

The flash of the camera has got in the way of displaying this a little bit, but I also painted the eyes with a vertical slit instead of leaving them a milky white colour as I was originally tempted to do. The reason I was tempted to do that was because I'm an old timer -- in Realms of Chaos, many of the daemons have blank (soul-less!) eyes. In Slaves to Darkness however, fiends of Slaanesh are noted as having pure bottle green eyes. Maybe I'll try that out on the next fiend I paint.

(*: And now I see the trap that Slaanesh lies before us).

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