Sunday, June 13, 2010

Axeman of Malice

Just a quick post and a picture today to show some further progress on a growing contingent of Sons of Malice space marines. This conversion is a chap with an axe from the chaos warriors boxed set of Warhammer Fantasy. Other than that, a pretty standard chaos marine miniature.

The paint scheme follows the one that I've been working to perfect over the last few Sons of Malice models. The highlighting of the white still needs some thought, but I'm happy with the black quadrants now. The choice of reds and oranges for the accent colour also seems to be working out rather well too. There's a bit more mud on this chap's boots than my previous miniatures in this range, but I think it looks fine as it makes the miniature look more natural (i.e. not pristine white painted armour ... its a bit more worn!)

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