Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shadow Sword: Part VII. Primed

The Shadowsword has seen little precious progress over the past few months due to other miniatures getting prioritization in the old painting schedule and a thing called real life. But, I've finally managed to get a black primer / undercoat on to the superheavy tank now.In some places the undercoat is slightly blotchy as I probably should have thinned the black down somewhat. I think I will be able to get away with the blotches by painting some well chosen areas with chips in the paintwork.

The colour of the undercoat is black. I was toying with white or grey at various points along the way as I was considering a variety of colour schemes. However, black works well so long as the paint manages to find its way in to the nooks and crannies around the vehicle. For the main part, I think I've managed this well. The pictures show the tank in its Storm Lord set-up which I enabled with some choice magnetizing.
The side-on view shows one of the variety of side panels that I crafted for the tank: a regular panel with Horus' eye upon it and a magnet behind. I'll be base coating the tank next; once I've thought some more about colours.

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